I'm vijay bisht,

I design products. processes.businesses.


in a fast
evolving world.

I help startups and companies deliver remarkable, end-to-end experiences that meet both user and business needs. This might mean partnering up and creating a new product or service, or it might just mean improving what’s already there.


starting with

The very core of user experience is to solve the user's problem and to understand this we follow the 5 why concept, which help us to understand the core of the problem. Once the problem is defined, we look for n number of solutions and after running the solutions with sample data get to the most viable solution.


Define project goals & discover user pain points


Synthesize research & brainstorm possible solutions


Refine user interface & create clickable prototype

test & iterate

Conduct usability tests & implement user feedback


built from

about me

not just pretty
pixels also functional

I’m a creative UX/UI consultant who practices human-centered design principles, delivering seamless, intuitive, and meaningful experiences on digital products. I seek clarity, communicate with understanding, and collaborate with teams using compassion and shared respect.

A design thinker steeped in UX/UI with 10+ years of experience working on digital products at startups and large corporations. My work focuses on bringing an Agile design process to business strategy, research and design methodologies to product development demonstrating the direct impact design have on user satisfaction and business goals.

contact me

every good things begins
with hello & coffee

If my skills and expertise will be a good suite to you, just call me +91 - 9899 636 757 or send me an email @ vijaybisht1706@gmail.com. Should we meet at a cafe? coffee would be on me. Cheers!